Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 Leeds IMC Announcements

by J J Cohen

If -- like Eileen -- you are attending IMC in Leeds this summer, and if -- like Eileen -- you are fond of free booze, here are two receptions not to miss:
  1. Wednesday 9th July, 8.30pm in the Bodington Senior Common Room: R. Allen Shoaf, Editor of Exemplaria, and Maney Publishing invite you to a wine reception to celebrate Exemplaria’s 20th year of publication, the new relationship with Maney, and the transition to a new editorial structure to be in place by 2010.
  2. The Glasgow Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Glasgow, is pleased to sponsor a reception and three sessions at this year’s International Medieval Congress (including one with ... Eileen Joy). A reception will be held at Bodington Hall, Club Room, Wednesday 9 July, 19:00-20:00. And if you can't make the event to learn more about Glasgow's MLitt program, I suggest following the link above: GCMRS looks to be a terrific place to study.
Lastly, even if you are not going to Leeds this year (as I am not: doing both NCS and IMC was not in the cards for me), make sure you attend in 2009. Why? Because I will be giving a plenary, and I'll be taking down names, and if I don't see you in Leeds, there will be hell to pay.

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  1. I will go to Leeds in 2009 but only if we get to really beat heretics with sticks, as depicted in the medieval illumination on the Call for Papers.


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