Monday, March 12, 2007

Cancel that England trip

Mary Beard has done my research for me.

Some of my research this summer is on dreaming prehistory, mainly in the Middle Ages but also today. That obsession mandates a stop at the prehistory section of the Museum of London (I haven't been there since it reopened) and the fragments of a Roman amphitheatre beneath Guildhall Art Gallery (green laser lights and all).

But why bother now that it is well blogged? Wonder if those plane tickets are refundable ...


  1. Mary Beard is nice like that.

    Come to England anyway.

  2. Perhaps the world needs a piece on the Viking ride in York, then?

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Karl, I think the world can do without anything more written on Disney-Jorvik...

  4. Oh no! You can't cancel your trip here! The mother country is calling you ... and I've been practicing my punting.


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