Monday, May 07, 2007

We The Multitude

I was asked to pass this on. If anyone wants a copy of the form please e-mail me.

Dear academics, researchers, writers and producers of knowledge everywhere,

As you may well already be aware, the G8 (Group of Eight most powerful nations) will be meeting from 6-8 June, 2007, in Heiligendamm on Germany’s Baltic Sea. As in previous years, protest and resistance is planned! We would like to invite you to get involved. The G8 is an institution without democratic or political legitimacy. It promotes the unjust world trade policies that ensure over 800 million people are chronically malnourished. They stand for liberalisation, privatisation and tougher immigration laws. The G8 states are the primary producers of CO2 emissions, responsible for catastrophic climate change. They are the world’s largest exporters of weapons and are in favour of a renaissance of nuclear energy. Against the G8 and the neoliberal form of globalisation for which they stand, we – the Block G8 network – are planning to blockade their summit as an act of civil disobedience. We are trade unionists, members of attac, environmental organizations, socialist youth groups, counterglobalisation activists, Green Party Youth members, groups and networks from the radical-left, internationalist organisations, the antinuclear (CASTOR) movement, autonomous anti-fascist groups, Christian organizations and non-violent action groups. Our plan is to organise mass, open and transparent blockades of the G8 summit in which everyone can participate, and which aim to cut the Summit off from the infrastructure on which it relies. Our aim is to articulate a clear ‘No!’ to the G8.

To do so, we need your support. There are many forms that this can take. How to Get Involved  Sign the declaration of support, lending your name to the Campaign by either filling out and returning the form below, or by emailing the same information to We will publicise your support for our Campaign on our website. Please consider inviting other colleagues, or even your whole department (if applicable) to sign the declaration.  Help publicise the Campaign. Mention the Campaign in articles you write, interviews you give, or on any web-logs you are involved with. More information about the Campaign is available from our website Web-banners to link to our website are also available at the same address. Consider inviting someone from the Campaign to speak at the institution you work at (if applicable).

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