Monday, January 30, 2006

New, improved blog name

Less onanistic, just as pretentious.

Seriously, though, it reflects my hope that anyone who would like to post something in this space -- work in progress for feedback, musings on the state of the field, informal book reviews, reports on conferences or details of other medieval blogs -- will feel free to do so. I'm happy to put up anything anyone would like to email me: jeffreyjeromecohen [at] gmail [dot] com (and I am sure [that] writing my [e]mail address like [th]at will prevent it from being harvested for all that "stock up on cialis and watch pandas in heat" spam)

(And if you got to this page searching for cialis and/or pandas in heat you will likely be disappointed -- but check out the post on Erotic Animals anyway. You will learn that if you lived during the Middle Ages you'd pop some mandrake root and watch weasels.)

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