Sunday, July 29, 2018


The Tiny Unicorn of Bodley MS Douce 6 #🦄
by J J Cohen

A small suggestion.

When in the near future an article appears on the supposed "war in medieval studies," do not allow the author or his fan club to make real that imagined battle. Think of those who will pay the highest price should attention fall upon them. Contemplate how you can actively and thoughtfully support groups like the Medievalists of Color rather than enter an "argument" that is really an attempt at fomenting division and discord. A conversation with a troll cannot be won -- and will sap your energy while stoking your anger. Let those who crusade for a "war in medieval studies" speak into silence. Let those who do not want war tell better stories.

May I suggest that we give our attention instead to those who deserve our regard? Numerous alternative versions of the field are already out there: promote the hell out of them.* Proclaim the future you want. Amplify the work and the voices you stand behind. In the days ahead, show your support through affirmation, refuse to tear people or things down, and help to make this the moment when medieval studies embraces its best prospects.

Like this. Or this. Or this. Or this.

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