Saturday, February 24, 2007

ITM USA Insomniacs: JJC on TV

In case you have previously missed your chance to witness me with a real fake version of the Beowulf manuscript, looking vaguely embarrassed to be featured in a documentary that cuts between me, a CG dragon, some pagans frolicking with swords, and a bodybuilder who could kick my ass, you might want to check out this show on the History Channel. Here are the times: Saturday, February 24 10:00 PM (today!); Sunday, February 25 02:00 AM (tomorrow!); Sunday, March 04 10:00 AM (next week!). Enjoy it with a stiff drink! But think about Karl's post and the ongoing discussion under Michael's first post while doing so.


EYYÜP HAN said...

Kick yower ass? Ich haue seen yow in combat, sir, and ye are a man of much valour and prowesse. What man is ther on this erth livinge that can kick the ass of Galfridus Hieronymus Cohen? A geant, peraventure?

Jeffrey H. Cohen said...

I'll need a bracing tonic, but I'll watch it.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Geoffrey #1: Alas, I have discovered that as one enters the fourth decade of one's life -- as the tap of vitality runs down and the dregs start coagulating in the bung (or something like that) -- one just doesn't possess the same prowess as in days of yore. Alas & welaway.

Jeffrey #2: You will need two tonics, both bracing, with lots of gin. And what does the "h." stand for??