Friday, August 01, 2008

Cultural Diversity in Medieval Britain

by J J Cohen

The book's official date of publication is August 5, but why wait? Pre-order! Buy multiple copies! They make great gifts. And very expensive coasters. Or ineffective boomerangs.

For a short overview and Laurie Finke's generous blurb, go here. If you'd like to read the introduction, follow this link. The table of contents is below.

Introduction: Infinite Realms--Jeffrey Jerome Cohen * Between Diaspora and Conquest: Norman Assimilation in Marie de France’s Esope and Petrus Alfonsi’s Disciplina Clericalis--Suzanne Conklin Akbari * Reliquia: Writing Relics in Anglo-Norman Durham--Heather Blurton * Cultural Difference and the Meaning of Latinity in Asser’s Life of King Alfred--David Townsend * Green Children from Another World, or The Archipelago in England--Jeffrey Jerome Cohen * Beyond British Boundaries in the Historia regum Britanniae--Michael Wenthe * Arthur’s Two Bodies and the Bare Life of the Archives--Kathleen Biddick * The Instructive Other Within: Secularized Jews in The Siege of Jerusalem--Randy P. Schiff * Subversive Histories: Strategies of Identity in Scottish Historiography--Katherine Terrell * Sleeping with an Elephant: Wales and England in the Mabinogion--Jon Kenneth Williams* Chaucer and the War of the Maidens--John Ganim * The Signs and Location of a Flight (or Return?) of Time: The Old English Wonders of the East and the Gujarat Massacre--Eileen Joy


Jennifer Lynn Jordan said...

Hey guys, look at my blog! I just gave you a silly pointless award. =)

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thanks for that, JLJ: pointless and silly awards are the only kinds we really like!