Friday, July 22, 2011

good bye / g'day

From the PP that accompanies my talk: Avebury, 2006
by J J Cohen

So I've barely blogged of late, and do you know why? That evil person at that other medieval blog made me write a lecture, and now she is forcing me to go all the way to Melbourne to deliver it.

So, look, we could all complain about Stephanie Trigg until we turn blue, but that won't change the world, and it won't shorten the 16 hour flight from LAX to Oz. Instead I will say: good-bye. I don't expect to have much internet access for the next few weeks, especially once the Cohens leave Melbourne for our family adventure. We are staying in some rural areas around Victoria, including a cottage on the side of a dormant volcano in a game reserve and a solar-powered Eco-Lodge in the mountains, surrounded by kangaroos and koalas. We'll also be driving the Great Ocean Road -- and, considering my lack of experience steering from the wrong side of the car, we may be turning the Shipwreck Coast into the Autowreck Coast as well.

So, wish us luck. I would say that I am dreading the long flight with the kids but to be honest, they are looking forward to the endless movies and snacks. The only thing they don't really want to do is sit next to me. Apparently I complain from time to time.

And oh yes: I will publicly acknowledge that Stephanie has been wonderful about setting all of this up, and I may have to retract some of my sourness. But as they say in Australia: better a sourpuss than a platypus. Yes, they really say that.


Eileen Joy said...

Have a wonderful trip and don't watch the George Clooney movie, "The American," on the plane. It's awful.

Melisende said...

G'day and welcome to Oz! Hope you brought your winter woollies.

This old world is a new world said...

Dear sourpuss,

You can complain about me all you like: it will all fade into oblivion once you get on the plane. That'll really give you something to complain about. I mean, the first eight or nine hours are ok; after that, not so much. Did you request vegetarian food? The desserts aren't much fun, but at least you don't get the awful breakfast sausages.

Will look forward to seeing your grumpy face on Tuesday.