Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hug A Medievalist Day 2016


It’s HERE!

It’s International Hug A Medievalist Day!

Since 2011, this holiday has offered people a chance to express their love and affection for medievalists by, well, hugging them. Or if you’re a medievalist, hug yourself! Or snuggle with your favorite medieval book! If there’s a special medievalist in your life, consider giving them a hug today—with their consent, of course.

Some context, if you haven’t come across this before:

Some useful links:

Some interesting medieval #hugpix newly circulating on social media this year:

Once again, always seek consent before hugging. Here’s a useful and humorous guide on how to hug your medievalist today (Natalie Grinnell, 2014).


P.S. Remember that MORE festivities will ensue tomorrow (on Whan That Aprille Day)!

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Cathy said...

In a troubled and sad world, this day has been one of sharing fun, creativity and history with far-flung folk.

What's not to like? ;)