Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Paxson Winners & BABEL Events at #Kzoo2017!


[#MedievalDonut copiousness at #Kzoo2016; photo by Jeffrey]

First, BABEL is delighted to announce the three winners of the 2017 James J. Paxson Memorial Travel Grant for Scholars of Limited Funds, which supports scholars' participation in the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo. They are (in alphabetical order)
  • Jonathan Fruoco (Universit√© Grenoble Alpes), to present “Translating Sufism in Medieval England: Chaucer and The Conference of the Birds”
  • Sara Petrosillo (University of California, Davis), to present “Flying, Hunting, Reading: Feminism and Falconry”
  • Shyama Rajendran (George Washington University), to present “Teaching The Legend of Philomela From Ovid to Gower”
We received many, many strong applications this year, and the difficult decision among them was made by a committee of four judges: Roland Betancourt (University of California, Irvine), Liza Blake (University of Toronto), Richard H. Godden (Tulane University), and Robin Norris (Carleton University). Thanks to the judges for their time and effort!
Also, we'd really like to thank the many donors to the BABEL fundraiser, who’ve made these grants possible! We’re continuing to raise $$ until mid-May, which will support travel to the 2017 BABEL conference next fall as well as Kalamazoo 2018. Please spread the word, and give if you can!
In the meantime, the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo (or #Kzoo2017) is rapidly approaching, so here's a compilatio of BABEL and BABEL-adjacent events to add to your calendar. Everyone is welcome to everything!
  • Wed May 10 at 9-11pm MEDIEVAL DONUT 3.0 (Radisson Lobby), social gathering co-sponsored by GW MEMSI (Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute); note the event site
  • Thu May 11 at 3:30pm – BABEL ROUNDTABLE: Feminism with/out Gender (Fetzer 1045)
  • Thu May 11 at 5:00pm - BABEL Working Group Business Meeting (Fetzer 1045)
  • Fri May 12 at 1:30pm – GW MEMSI ROUNDTABLE: Catastrophe and Periodization (Fetzer 1010)
  • Fri May 12 at 3:30pm – BABEL ROUNDTABLE: Access and the Academy (Sangren 1920)
  • Fri May 12 at 5:00pm – BABEL + MATERIAL COLLECTIVE RECEPTION (Bernhard President's Dining Room)
  • Fri May 12 at 9pm-11pm – FESTIVITIES AT BELL'S BREWERY, co-sponsored by ISAS (International Anglo-Saxon Society)
  • Sat May 13 at 10am POSTMEDIEVAL ROUNDTABLE: Atmospheric Medievalisms/Medieval Atmospheres (Bernhard 210)
  • Sat May 13 at 5:45pm – “Whiteness in Medieval Studies: A Workshop,” organized by an open fellowship of Medievalists of Color and hosted by SMFS (Society for Medievalist Feminist Scholarship) during its Business Meeting and Reception (Fetzer 1045); note event website with info and readings
  • Sat May 13 at 9pm – QUEERDIEVALIST gathering for queer medievalists and allies (Radisson Bar)
Anything else to add? Feel free to use the comments section below (comments are moderated so it might take some time for items to post).

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