Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dust off your medieval Welsh ...

Columbia University astonishes me with the quality, drive and ambition of its medievalist graduate students. One whom I've known since his undergrad days here at GW is JKW, author of the quirky blog Pistols in the Pulpit.

It's a pleasure to have him as a guest blogger here while I am away.


EYYÜP HAN said...

'Jkw' ys a straunge thynge to be yclepede. Wyth but two consonantes and a 'w,' methynkes yt muste be an welshe name. Bon jour, Messire Jkw, ich shal eagerlye awaite yower poostinges.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the greeting, GC.

Say, I heard that your son Lewis is selling an astrolabe for £1--I'll take that off him if it's still available.