Thursday, June 15, 2006

Latest issue of Hortulus is online

Although the three essays approach "hybridity" in a way very different from how I tend to think about the term, they do make interesting reading.

From the preface:
Hybridity, the theme of our first essay contest, is a metaphor entirely appropriate to the garden. Cross-pollination of plants has been a fundamental feature of agricultural practice for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, in the ninth-century Latin ode to the garden from which Hortulus takes its name, Walafrid Strabo comments on the varieties of mint he cultivates. In the same spirit, our goal of enriching the graduate community can be viewed through its lens: by publishing articles online, we seek to bring students and the curious from around the globe in contact with one another, so that the mingling of ideas leads to fertile germinations. The contest has born fruitful results: first place winner Daniel Gallagher’s article discusses Thomistic philosophy; second place winner Alexandra Cook’s essay treats Boethius’s allegorical characters in the Consolatio Philosophiae; and Scott Hendrix writes about the interplay between astronomy and religion. We hope you enjoy this harvest.

Yes I do have one foot out the door but wanted to get this announcement up, since I know so many graduate students read this blog, and Hortulus is the kind of endeavor I'm happy to publicize.

Later today an announcement about a guest blogger. Then no more from me for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I am already starting to suffer from "temporary loss of Cohen" anxiety. But looking forward to guest blogger. Have a wonderful time in Maine. Cheers, Eileen