Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Postcard from Maine

Dear Readers,

The thunder of waves on rock, the smell of the brine, the slowness of sea craft on their morning errands, the artery clogging half life of fried everything ... I may never come back.

Of course we could add to that the crankiness of Kid #2, well into her terrible twos and hellbent upon hurling herself into the depths of the sea, and the idyll alters slightly. And Kid #1's career ambition of becoming a pirate has reawakened.

Still, it was worth going out of town to have JKW do such a whiz-bang job on the posts he has placed up so far. Great stuff, and it's been intresting to watch the comments expand. Add your own if you haven't done so already and show your support for excellence in guest bloggers.

Wish you all were here,



Karl Steel said...

Wish you all were here

To borrow a line from my favorite penguin joke: Who says we're not?

Anonymous said...

Funny kid #1's renewed interest in being a pirate. My kid #1 has started asking when they get ride on a pirate boat again.

Anonymous said...

But don't you both see that it's all about marketing? "Pirates of the Carribean 2" is coming out at the end of July, and the advertising campaign/marketing tie-ins have been well underway for a while now. Both of your children are simply exercising their false consciousness.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thank you, Karl, for frightening me. And thank you, Eileen, for exposing my progeny as the vacuous holes of consumerism that they are.

Karl Steel said...

Thank you, Karl, for frightening me

Anytime. Just say the word.

Actually, on Jersey shore in a minivacation w/ the inlaws, sitting in a rocking chair near the ocean, reading Cary Wolfe's Animal Rites. Apart from the introduction's gross error on the 80s TV Show Manimal, enjoying the book quite a bit.

Although from time to time, I let out a hollow "oooooo" just to scare the kids.