Friday, February 02, 2007

Abject Snow Inducing Failure

Despite the fact that Kid #1 wore his pajamas inside out and flushed ice cubes down the toilet (to make the atmosphere colder), it did not snow last night. We are not enjoying a day home together filled with sleds and hot cocoa. We are weeping over global warming. A small ice accumulation, however, has caused a two hour delay before school opens, so we are all about to head out for bagels. We will enjoy a leisurely morning together, for once.

Expect a post with some actual content later today.

(this post is in purplish pink at behest of Kid #2, who is helping me to type it)


Anonymous said...

Isn't this an El Nino year? Would that explain the lack of snow this winter? Or am I just saying that in order to mask my steadily growing concern that we are all doomed?

RaeRae said...

I think we got your snow... not today but the other day... I'm told it doesn't snow around here. but for some reason it has been. I have a friend who is insisting that I brought it from up north with me.