Friday, June 08, 2007

John Mandeville and the London Olympics

Medievalists know that John Mandeville, our man from fourteenth century St Albans, was an early exposer of Jewish plots to take over the world. In his case the maneuver involved an escape from a secret mountain dwelling and Hebrew as a secret, apocalyptic language:
And so all the Jews in the different parts of the world learn to speak Hebrew, for they believe that the Jews who are enclosed among those hills will know that they are Jews (as they are) by their speech when they arrive. And then they will lead them into Christendom to destroy Christian men. For those Jews say they know by their prophecies that the Jews enclosed among the hills will issue out and the Christians will be under their sway, just as they have been under Christian domination.

Now, though, the cat is out of the bag for the coming of that apocalypse, which incidentally involves not Hebrew so much as all manner of track and field events. Seems that crazy pink logo for the London Olympics has been decoded. See you there in 2012.

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Karl Steel said...

Absolutely nuts! There's Andrew Gow's excellent book The Red Jews for more on this.