Thursday, June 21, 2007

Medieval and Early Modern Seminar

Some of you may be interested in this proposal I put together with some colleagues for a new Medieval and Early Modern seminar at GW. It will take as its focus Europe in a transnational frame.

So much of our life as faculty is devoted to chasing down scarce grant money that I know I always appreciate it when someone shares a model for how to frame a project in a way that makes it appealing to those outside the field. We are seldom judged by experts within our disciplines when we apply for the Fulbright, ACLS, NEH and so on, so personally I've found it essential to study successful applications before sending off my own.

You may access the proposal here.


Eileen Joy said...

Incredibly generous of you to share this, JJC [but you don't mention funding source--are you not allowed to?]. Since BABEL is currently working on an NEH multi-institutional Humanities Faculty Workshop grant [Southern Illinois, College of Charleston, and Jacksonville State, and possibly Birmingham Southern], due in September, your timing is impeccable. Thanks again. It looks like a great seminar.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

This proposal was funded internally for a lifespan of four years (very modest funding, $2500 per year). After that we need to make it financially self-sufficient, so we'll be using some version of this proposal as we seek out sponsorship, possibly from the NEH, possibly from a corporate source.