Friday, October 12, 2007

Best opening lines to a film review

From today's NYT, Manohla Dargas writes:
A kitsch extravaganza aquiver with trembling bosoms, booming guns and wild energy, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” tells, if more often shouts, the story of the bastard monarch who ruled England with an iron grip and two tightly closed legs.
I now coin a term for putting historically dubious creations of art in their place: "scathed." Elizabeth: The Golden Age, you have been scathed (or scath'd).


Eileen Joy said...

I don't think Elizabeth's "two legs" were "tightly" closed at all. Geez.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

That's why I like the review: it's great on how the film is built on these fantasies/myths/obsessions to the point where their silliness is laid bare.