Friday, October 05, 2007

They came dressed in green

I'm in transit from Ithaca to Rochester NY, having just given a talk on the Green Children for the Quod Libet series at Cornell. Remarkably, about half the audience arrived dressed in some shade of green. It was like St Patrick's day as celebrated by the non-Irish in an autumnal upstate New York setting. And without the green booze. There was, however, a very nice wine and cheese reception, at which this picture was snapped using my cell phone. That's me and Carol V. Kaske. She is wearing a dark but verdant shirt. I, likewise, am wearing green.

Despite the fact that my paper had been swiped along with my laptop, somehow I muttered something semi-comprehensible (I think). It has been great to be in a place with such a lively, engaged group of medievalists that spans undergraduates to graduate students to junior and senior faculty.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poem: Be Careful!
Careful with your lost,
with your green children,
funeral chariots, so clear,

pay attention to the years,
so cold mistakes or fears,

careful with that sun,
too blind for my taste,
too shallow for your fate,

play this scene once again
to calm down my desire,

careful with your days,
full of passion – milky fire,
fountain to hope in vain,

pay attention to my wings:
voices from your dreams!