Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who is the medievalist behind Lovely Listing?

by J J Cohen

Not that we really want to know its author ... but the blog It's Lovely! I'll Take It! harvests ill-chosen snapshots of real estate offered for sale on the web, and gives glimpses into lives that can be, um, intriguing. The site is apparently run by a medievalist who links back to us and sends quite a bit of (startled?) traffic our way.

Thanks ... and if the Cohens ever sell their house, we'll ensure that we dispose of the chairs tacked to the walls, the fish in the sink, the kayak by the stairs, the ominous ET statue, the fleeing bathtub and mortuary table, the stuffed deer heads, the slightly bemused elderly gentleman wandering near the double grills ...


Karl Steel said...

I know her, and she's not a medievalist. She is, however, the author of the fine book Booty: Girl Pirates on the High Seas! Highly recommended!

Jeffrey Cohen said...

My lack of close reading skills will do me in every time: that information was of course right on the blog. I didn't realize what an internet sensation that site has become: the amount of traffic she draws -- and the number of submissions she receives -- is unbelievable.