Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RSVP for Touching the Past at GW

by J J Cohen

If you intend to attend the Touching the Past symposium (the inaugural event of the GW Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute) on Friday November 7, would you let us know that you plan to come? You can email Lowell Duckert (lduckert@gwu.edu) or me (jjcohen@gwu.edu).

We'd like to ensure that our room is large enough and that we have enough cookies for everyone.



Eileen Joy said...

I don't want cookies. I want cake.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

:-( I will be at Haskins ... but is this an ongoing thing?

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Eileen: no cake, but to keep things light I've arranged for your talk to be interrupted by a clown bearing a pie. It is going to be SO FUNNY.

ADM: How are you choose G'town over GW? Actually I realize the timing is very bad: there is also a major event at UMD. We'll be more careful in our choice of dates in the future.