Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I will never leave my office again. Ever. I'll die in here, I really will.

by J J Cohen

So we took a little family trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A wind storm aside, it was great: just the moment of calm we all needed in the windstorm that seems to be the Cohen family life.

Today's photograph is entitled "Here is what I face today." That's my Riverside Chaucer in the foreground, open to the Merchant's Tale (teaching it at 11). The salmon colored sheets are detailed instructions for the paper I am about to assign. Other papers include CVs for a Judaic Studies matter, course enrollment spreadsheets, instructions for the formal invitation I need to compose to Michael Chabon to come to campus in the spring (introduced by Edward P. Jones -- on my theory that The Known World and The Yiddish Policemen's Union are versions of the same book), an outline for a program I'm running tomorrow for alumni on "Literature in a Global Age," and a stack of books and journals that I want to read immediately but that only seems to grow. Ah yes, I remember back when I was not chair and could do fun things like read. Assorted notes, reminders, journals, magazines, and some fruit complete the picture (the last item is either for throwing at those who disturb me, or for lunch, depending).

Happy, happy days here at GW. And what I really want to do is spend some time on Eileen's post about faciality. Not yet.


Eileen Joy said...

But what really distresses me about this photograph is the banana and apple, which means you eat healthy things while at work, unlike my hero Liz Lemon [main protagonist of TV show "30 Rock," played by Tina Fey] who would have on her desk instead, a 3 Musketeers bar and Cheetos. Oh well.

prehensel said...

That's the new Speculum, isn't it? I couldn't help but copy your idea on my blog. You have more stuff on your desk/plate, but mine seems to be encroaching on my personal space so much more!
I'm afraid.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Yes, but we all know that when Tina Fey is prepping for playing Liz Lemon, she is eating apples and bananas.

Prehensel: your desk is a portrait of beauty compared to mine! And yes that is (yawn) the new Speculum.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

And here is a desk so cute I just can't stand it.

meli said...

oh, um, hi! *blushes*

the creatures help - they do!

prehensel said...

It would be just too perfect if a student brought that apple to you. But barring that, its use as a Python-esque missile weapon is both pragmatic and pregnant with meaning.

(Alliteration not intentional.)