Monday, December 22, 2008

No, you are not time traveling

by J J Cohen

If you've glanced at our "Recent Comments" sidebar, you've probably noticed that -- as insightful as these comments are -- they are about six months out of date. The problem appears to be with Blogger, which has run into a glitch publishing the comments of blogs that have crested the magic number of 5000 comments (yes you are THAT verbose, beloved readers).

We hope that the Powers That Be will be fixing the comment feed soon. In the meantime ... we're all on vacation anyway, so you are not really missing anything. Other than the scandalous revelation of what the Tiny Shriner has been doing with Kate Moss.

1 comment:

Greg Carrier said...

In the mean-meantime, take a look at this.

Dante's Inferno becoming a computer game in 2009. No joke.

I think all medievalists should write to Santa for a personal copy. For review purposes, of course.

That, and the video game sessions at Kzoo next May are going to be ridiculously overattended if this game is out by then.