Friday, March 12, 2010

Henry III Fine Rolls Project

by J J Cohen

ITM readers may be interested to discover this valuable resource for the study of 13th C England: the Henry III Fine Rolls Project. It's an impressive site, making available for free English translations of Latin rolls that have never been published in their entirety. Good searchability, high definition manipulable manuscript images, and hard copy publication are all built into the project (though it seems to me the electronic version is better than any book rendition). With the glimpses they offer into contemporary life, the fine lists offer surprisingly interesting browsing.

The site also includes wonderful "Fine of the Month" essays. Check out the two on "Crucifixion and Conversion: King Henry III and the Jews in 1255" (Part 1, Part II).

h/t Sarah Rees Jones for sending me this link. Thanks, Sarah!


Marina said...

Thank you very much for sharing this. Great link, indeed!

Eileen Joy said...

This is an amazing resource; I wish we had something like this for the various manuscript versions of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. There are various *partial* online versions of various manuscript editions, some *collated* translations, etc., but to my knowledge, nothing quite like this [unless someone tells me differently].

Anonymous said...

Here's another resource, about John: