Monday, May 09, 2011

Professor Wins Fellowship, Will Visit Stonehenge

by J J Cohen

A small piece on my fellowship in the GW Hatchet leads me to observe that (1) whereas athletes winning the Superbowl declare "I'm going to Disney World!" my exuberant exclamation is "I'm visiting neolithic sites that impressed themselves upon the medieval imagination!" (2) the article makes it seem like I've never been to Stonehenge, and that while there I may be digging things up, and (3) I don't know how the Hatchet photographer induce that look I'm giving in the picture. Must be the stone wall next to me. We all know that my latest project reveals that I enjoy snuggling with rocks. Mmmmh, rocks.

1 comment:

prehensel said...

I love the pic. It says: "I don't always snuggle with rocks, but when I do, I prefer sedimentary. Stay rocky, my friends."