Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Death to all Flands, or whatever: "Henchminion" Befuddles the Plagiarists


I know opinions justly vary about College Misery, but trust me, medievalists, you don't want to miss this post. In 2005, a certain "Henchminion" wrote a "Trojan Horse" paper on the Magna (or is that Manga?) Carta and planted it with various plagiarism sites (here it is in the wild) and periodically googled key phrases to see where it had turned up. Recently: Paydirt! A plagiarist used the whole thing, including the phrase "Discipulus tuus hunc tractatum non scripsit."


Glory in King John's war on the Flands, a merchant people dwelling on the coast of Luxembourg! Wonder at the Pope, the Enemy of Freedom. And by all means write your own Trojan Horses.

Go, Read it!

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i said...

Oh, thank you Karl, that was so much fun.