Wednesday, September 19, 2012

J J Cohen drips sarcasm ...

by J J Cohen

... in US News and World Report. Featuring a linkback to an old ITM post!

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zareen said...

Ha, all of those poor grandmothers.

But, um, regarding #4. Massie isn't just old enough to be a college student's parent---he's acting like a dad. It's not his business to police students' behavior and interests outside the classroom, much less to require students give him personal information. It may be arguable that a Twitter handle is public, particularly if the account is unlocked and/or readily identifiable, but the cell phone number certainly is not. Asking students to divulge this information to someone who is in a position of power over them is disrespectful and downright creepy, in my opinion, and so it illustrates something rather different than the article's author probably intended.