Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coming Very Soon: Prismatic Ecology

by J J Cohen

I haven't mentioned this forthcoming edited collection here at ITM in a while, and want to do so while Amazon is offering the book at 20% off.

Prismatic Ecology: Ecotheory Beyond Green is out in early January. If you pre-order now via Amazon, the handsome and substantial volume costs only $20. Putting together this collection was quite a pleasure. The essays I was able to include (some of which I've already been able to teach) impress me with both their insight and creativity: I am honored to work with these contributors.

The UMP website has a full description, but here's the table of contents. You might recognize a few names.

Foreword: Lawrence Buell

Introduction: Ecology’s Rainbow
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
1. White
Bernd Herzogenrath
2. Red
Tobias Menely and Margaret Ronda
3. Maroon
Lowell Duckert
4. Pink
Robert McRuer
5. Orange
Julian Yates
6. Gold
Graham Harman
7. Chartreuse
Allan Stoekl
8. Greener
Vin Nardizzi
9. Beige
Will Stockton
10. Brown
Steve Mentz
11. Blue
Eileen Joy
12. Violet-Black
Stacy Alaimo
13. Ultraviolet
Ben Woodard
14. Grey
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
15. Black
Levi R. Bryant
16. X-Ray
Timothy Morton
Onword. After Green Ecologies: Prismatic Visions
Serenella Iovino and Serpil Oppermann

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