Wednesday, May 04, 2016

BABEL events at Kzoo 2016

by JONATHAN HSY (on behalf of the BABEL Working Group's Steering Committee)

Pieter Brughel's "Little" Tower of Babel; explore more here.

MAY THE FOURTH be with you, one and all!
[for more medieval Star Wars fun, go herehere and here]

The International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo (or #Kzoo2016) is rapidly approaching. Here's a grand compilatio of BABEL and BABEL-adjacent events to add to your calendar.  Everyone is welcome to everything!

  • Wed 8-11pm - MEDIEVAL DONUT 2.0 (Radisson Lobby), social gathering co-sponsored by GW MEMSI (Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute); note the event site
  • Thu 3:30pm - BABEL ROUNDTABLE: Where Else? (Sangren 1740)
  • Fri 1:30pm - GW MEMSI ROUNDTABLE: Play (Bernhard 209)
  • Fri 3:30pm - POSTMEDIEVAL ROUNDTABLE: Hermaphrodites: Genitalia, Gender, and Being Human in the Middle Ages (Fetzer 1005)
  • Fri 5:15pm - BABEL + MATERIAL COLLECTIVE RECEPTION (Bernhard President's Dining Room)
  • Sat 10am - BABEL ROUNDTABLE: Far Out! (Fetzer 1005)
  • Sat 3:30pm - PUNCTUM SESSION: In Fashions Reminiscent: The Overlapping Objects, Discourses, and Ideas of the Sixties and the Middle Ages (Schneider 1225)
  • Sat 3:30pm - SMFS (SOCIETY FOR MEDIEVAL FEMINIST SCHOLARSHIP) ROUNDTABLE: Harassment in the Academy (Schneider 1360)

Other BABEL-adjacent happenings:
  • Thu 10am - MATERIAL COLLECTIVE SESSION: Speculatio, Medieval and Modern (Schneider 1140)
  • Fri noon - GRAMMAR RABBLE BUSINESS MEETING (Fetzer 1060)
  • Sat 10am - ETH PRESS PERFORMANCE AND ROUNDTABLE: “The Grail Is the Opposite of Poetry”: The Medieval Coterie in Jack Spicer’s The Holy Grail (Schneider 1280)
  • Sun 10:30am - GRAMMAR RABBLE SESSION: Erratic Letters (Bernhard 210)

Other items of note for #Kzoo2016 [Jonathan now writing as an individual]:
  • Mentoring initiatives are happening throughout the conference (see Mary Kate Hurley's post)!
Anything else to add? Feel free to use the comments section below (comments are moderated so it might take some time for items to post).


bjdambler said...

Saturday, 10am, Schneider 1140 (Session 354):
“Ethically A’twitter, or A-twitter?: Attending, Attention, & Access with or without the Live-tweet."

Jonathan Hsy said...

Note also the full slate of MATERIAL COLLECTIVE events: