Saturday, July 02, 2016

Reading for Sustenance

the picture I took of the Loch Ness monster
by J J Cohen

Hello, it's JJC, as I await the plane that will take me from Edinburgh and "Time's Urgency" the conference that has been so fulfilling over the past week. I've been in Scotland for nearly two weeks, and it has been quite a country from which to observe Brexit and its aftermath. Scotland, as you will recall, voted overwhelmingly to REMAIN in the EU and is now reconsidering its recent vote to remain a part of the UK. Vast anger at the LEAVE vote is mainly what I have observed ... and a re-surfacing of a feeling that Little England never did care much for the country to its north, other than as a resource farm. Its people feel like they have been told once again that they do not matter. Well, they have ... as have the many who have rightly felt that Brexit is a xenophobic backlash.

So. Here is some reading that is keeping me going in these troubled times. Much of it re-frames the moment over a longer duration -- whether that of a person's life or a country's.

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