Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Where to Find Me, 2016-17 version

Caisteal Maol, Isle of Skye, sunset (10:30 PM)
by J J Cohen

A pleasure of being active on social media is the opportunity to meet people (both virtually and in the flesh) I would not otherwise have had the chance to know, especially in distant cities. London last week, for example, was filled with such encounters, both at the Chaucer conference and the Object Lessons reading at the Bloomsbury Institute. I am hoping that by sharing some of the travel I am doing in the academic year ahead I will have the opportunity to meet some more ITM readers along the way ... and to gather some friends who might not know I will be nearby. It's going to be a busy year, and some of the details below are sketchy, but I'll fill them in as they arrive.
  • Sept. 1: Gallery Talk at the New Museum for the (amazing!) The Keeper exhibit
  • Sept. 13: Lecture for the Sculpture + Extended Media Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia
  • Late November / early December: Poland (PoznaƄ) for some medieval goodness
  • January 5-8: MLA in Philadelphia (with Julian Yates I organized a session on "Extro-fictions from the Middle Ages to the Anthropocene," and with Shannon Gayk a session on "Ecological Catastrophe: Past and Present")
  • January 26-27: Rice University for the Camden Lecture
  • March 10: Yale for a seminar sponsored by medieval studies and the interdisciplinary Literature, ​the ​Arts and the Environment Colloquium (yay!)
  • Feb. 25-26: keynote at Illinois Medieval Association conference at Northwestern University on “Medieval Environments”
  • April 5-9: SAA in Atlanta (seminar respondent) 
  • May 11-14: Kzoo!
  • June 20-25: ASLE Detroit (I hope)
  • June 28-July 1 MAMO (Middle Ages in the Modern World) conference keynote in Manchester UK
  • and in the fall thereafter ... Melbourne. Pretty happy about having the chance to return.
That's a full schedule. See you soon?


This old world is a new world said...

I am going to see you on three continents over this period, then!

Jeffrey Cohen said...

I will take three of course but we need to find a way to make it FOUR. Do you think a research lab in Antarctica might want to sponsor each of us to come speak to them about stones?