Friday, March 03, 2006

Call me maudlin

and mawkish and schmaltzy and any other adjective for "overly sentimental" that you'd care to hurl at me from your thesaurus. Discovered today in kid #1's bookbag, a 3rd grade economics exercise:

The worker I'd like to be is:
Profesore [sic]

Human Resources:

Natural Resources:

Capital Resources:

Because my dad is one and I love him


Chris Weimer said...

Hope that your child will continue this ardent passion for teaching others (and loving you!). The world can always use more profesores. I can only hope my children will also follow me and the intellectual path. Sentimental - rightly so.

Karl Steel said...

Third-grade economics?

But that's just lovely, although I would be concerned that kid #1 seems to be learning Italian on the sly.

Anonymous said...

Aww. But I agree with Karl--grade three economics? What? Huh? Throwing the term "human resources" at a kid under 10 seems perverse.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thanks, Chris. It seems to me that Kid #1 is keeping two career options open at this moment: profesore, or Roman Emperor.

Karl: 3rd grade economics indeed. Indoctrination into capitalism starts early these days; by next year he is supposed to be managing an international equity fund.

JKW: it does seem perverse ... but kids that young are such sponges that in fact they learn it immediately. And this is at a public school.

Ancrene Wiseass said...


That's just lovely.