Sunday, June 25, 2006

Of Welsh goats

William Windsor, known as Billy, a goat that was given to the 1st Battalion Royal Welch [sic] by the Queen, has been demoted from Lance Corporal to Fusilier for disobeying a direct order.

His handler Lance Corporal Dai Davies, 22, from Neath, South Wales, dubbed the goat major, found he was unable to keep him in line.

"Billy can be badly behaved at times but I didn't think there was anything wrong myself at the time," said the base's spokesman Captain Crispin Coates.

"However, after the parade he was reported through the chain of command and accused of disobeying a direct order."

But the loss of prestige could be temporary.

According to Captain Coates, Billy is "extremely well known" on Cyprus and highly liked.

"His situation is currently being reviewed and he could regain his rank," he said.

What this really means is that the fusiliers no longer have to stand when Billy tromps by them. At any rate, this seemed a fun thing to post as a good-bye to all of you. I've greatly enjoyed sharing some of the work that I've done on medieval Welsh literature with the readers of this blog, and I thank those who commented on my offerings.




Anonymous said...

A military goat called William Windsor - now there's an exercise in hybridity for you!

Jeffrey Cohen said...

How could you have placed that entry without a mention of Goatonapole?

Seriously, though, thanks for your stellar job of guest blogging. The keys to the machine are yours any time.