Friday, September 22, 2006

Breaking news

(1) For your reading pleasure, now on the shelf is Walter Le Chien Qui P├Ęte (see this post if you do not understand why such a fact is relevant to this blog).

(2) The roads around the Academic Center of GW have been closed and the student center rendered a media staging area. Rumor is that VP Dick Cheney is in the GW hospital. Perhaps I should not have conducted my 7.30 AM activity today).


Jeffrey Cohen said...

Update: Rumor, as Chaucer or Shakespeare or one of those blokes would say, would say, is mendacious. Turns out it was not the VP.

DC seems to be a central spot for the mysterious closing of roads and the sudden swarming of men in dark suits.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

It was, as it turns out, the president of Pakistan giving a press conference at GW. No hospital involved.

JKW said...

Yeah, I was on the sixth floor of Rome when this was going down, and my friend Dan told me (correctly, as it turned out) that it was President Musharraf.

I knew this at 2:15 on Friday, so you have no excuse for being a victim of the rumour mill. It's all about being in the loop, JJ.