Sunday, September 24, 2006

new form, new format

We at in the middle are nothing if not experimental. In that spirit, we are trying out a group blog format: not one but three bloggers, at least for the time being. That's a lot of medieval bang for your buck [yes, I know, the blog is free, and three times free is still as much as one times free which is to say, simply, FREE. But you get my point].

Let us know what you think. Also, I've had a report of the fancy left margin being imprinted over the post text in Firefox for Windows. If anyone else is having format problems, it would be good to know that as well, as the template has been tampered with.

-- Jeffrey

PS I also realize that our three bloggers are from the U.S., but the blog's readership is geographically wide ranging. I'm trying to figure out how much of a shortcoming that poses in a movement to an expanded format, and would be happy to have some feedback.


Karl Steel said...

I've no problem with the left margin in any of the browsers I use. My user icon in my comments does tend to screw up the smooth flow of text, but I don't think that's anything I could readily fix.

And I pass today's baton to Eileen! Where are the Joys of yesteryear?

Eileen Joy said...

Okay, Eileen *has* been a bit absent lately for two main reasons:

1. she is still in the process of getting cable & wireless internet connected at her house [problem should be solved this coming week]

2. she has been doing a lot of traveling [strange for the beginning of the semester, but happily true] to places either without internet access or where grumpy relatives won't let her go online.

All this is to change after this coming Tuesday, and cheers all around!

Anonymous said...

US perspective is why I read it. I am very familiar with the style (count the visas in my passport) but at the same time it makes me feel pleasantly alien. n50