Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kzoo summed up

At this conference Eileen Joy outed herself as a force shaping the future of medieval studies.

My humble opinion, amply supported by the evidence of: (1) the excellent panels she organized, (2) her work at BABEL, (3) her enamoured medieval studies manifesto (look for it in this space) and (4) her ability to bring diverse communities together.

Now a plane back to DC awaits.


Karl Steel said...

Seconded enthusiastically!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that Herr Doktor J. J. von Cohen has it right--Eileen is not a force in the future of medieval studies, she is the force.

Eileen Joy said...

Eileen Joy is not deserving of this flattery, but it does make her feel good. But Eileen Joy would be remiss if she did not say that neither BABEL, nor Eileen Joy herself, in the form in which she appeared at this conference, would have been possible without the fearless foursome known as Betsy McCormick, Myra Seaman, Kimberly Bell, and Mary Ramsey. She's just sayin', that's all. Together, they are joyous pack, the multiplicity, and desiring machine that makes all things BABEL possible. And without In The Middle, Eileen would have never come "out" at all. With love, Eileen Joy

N50 said...

Does this mean none of you are staying for the dance? Hell - I was so looking forward to your take on that.

Anyway - glad to hear it was all such a success. And it salves my conscience about not visiting the 'zoo if I can get all the best bits on ITM.

Will you be storming Leeds as well this year?

Eileen Joy said...

Don't worry, N50, some of us will definitely be at the dance. And we will also dance at the dance.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the future of medieval studies and it is Eileen Joy.

Karl Steel said...

And we will also dance at the dance.

Hells yes.

And now, being home, I have to recover.

And finish my grading.