Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dick Cheney to blog at In the Middle

Invoking a little known clause of the Patriot Act allowing "at will seizure of medieval or medieval-themed blogging," Vice President Dick Cheney will become our fifth permanent blogger. Look for his pieces Monday through Sunday every day every year, except on leap years when the other bloggers may post (but just on February 29, and just for ten minutes).

Happy April 1.


Anonymous said...


The Spirit of Creative Writing said...

Well, what do we have? Lacking a Middle English dictionary to hand, I prise open the OED.

Cheyne: obsolete ff. CHAIN.

You should have Fleetwood Mac blogging instead. Or, wait:

Cheyney: Obs ... A sort of worsted or woollen stuff.

At ITM? Surley not. Nothing but silk here.

Karl Steel said...

Thanks for the nightterrors, JJC.

That face, that face! Lovecraft died too soon!

Anonymous said...

sorry - since I have signed up for the Virgle expedition to Mars - I will miss all that. What a shame!

Mary Kate Hurley said...

Cheney? I know we like monsters, but really.

Alas indeed, SRJ. I'll send you a farewell email slightly before you posted that comment now that Google has a Customize Time setting for the emails.

Eileen Joy said...

But don't you think Cheney is kind of dreamy in that dark warlord sort of way?

dan remein said...

i always just assumed he was a cylon? which i guess is a sort of interesting post-human?