Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Touching the Past" at GW

by J J Cohen

I realize that many readers -- and writers -- of In the Middle are currently obsessing over this great conference, which promises to be the champagne supernova of medieval studies, the Event that -- like Woodstock for the hippies -- will have everyone asking "Were you there? Did it change your life?" (No, I am not much given to hyperbole. Why do you ask?)

In order to avoid the inevitable let-down that follows the adrenaline rush of a really good conference, you may want to book your travel now for this far more intimate event. All are welcome, and once we finalize every detail I'll post on the symposium one more time. Oh yes, you might notice there is a heavy ITM presence there as well. We're like filthy microbes: we're everywhere.

OK, I have a plenary on Mandeville to write ...

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