Monday, April 26, 2010


by J J Cohen

My Eyjafjallajokull-delayed copy finally wended to my mailbox, and now sits upon my desk (newly polished in anticipation). A new era in medieval studies commences.

Hyperbole? Read the journal and see if you disagree. It's pretty great.


Myra Seaman said...

It does seem to look fantastic in every setting. Thanks for sharing yours. I hope Eileen's gotten her copies by now? (and that she'll return the one of mine I loaned her in NYC...) There's a great item in there on stone, as I recall--among many, many other intriguing pieces.

Eileen Joy said...

Oh yeah, Myra, you'll get your copy back . . . . NOT!

Just kidding. You *will* get your copy back.

In the meantime, I have surrounded it with pink rose petals and am raising a martini glass over it . . . AGAIN.

It just feels . . . good.

Lara Farina said...

I got my copy. Am appreciating its smooth, uncrinkled sleekness before it becomes all dog-eared and bent (soon).