Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 resources and 2 guest posts

by J J Cohen

A brief post to let you know about two useful e-resources for medievalists and two posts soon to arrive:
  1. In Parentheses, a collection of sources in translation useful for the undergraduate classroom. You can download everything from Old and Middle English texts to Old Norse flashcards, Arthurian stories, and, um, "Medieval Canadian Stories" (OK, there is one, from 1911) and "Vaguely Decadent Stories." Ross Arthur has put together the site.
  2. METRO (Middle English Teaching Resources Online), a "virtual classroom" sponsored by Harvard University. Units focus upon Chaucer, the Gawain poet, Langland, and the Wakefield plays. Each possesses a tripartite division structured through self-testing exercises: linguistic comprehension; stylistic guidance; textual editing. METRO vaguely resembles the DC Metro map, but is missing the branch I live along. If the Red Line is ever added, will it lead to Margery Kempe?
Before Thanksgiving look for two guest posts here at ITM: one by Martin Foys and Asa Simon Mittman on digital humanities; and one by Bonnie Wheeler on scholarly publishing.

Finally, read Eileen's account of the BABEL conference, why don't you?

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