Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Do

by J J Cohen

T-Day merriment aside, I just caused myself to hyperventilate by typing out as a FB update the publishing tasks I've recently completed as well as those that remain to me. In case I choke and die tomorrow on, say, a poisoned cranberry, here is what remains in process: more balls to juggle than a thousand clowns on a thousand days with a thousand assistants could manage. Luckily, I possess 1001 clowns.
  1. I just emailed an essay called "The Promise of Monsters" to its editors. It joins "The Sex Life of Stone" and "Geographesis, or the Afterlife of Britain in Chaucer" as essays I've sent to editors within the past few weeks. 
  2. Now if I can get "The Future of the Jews of York" done by mid December, I'll have only two book reviews (Idols in the East for AHA; Monsters, Gender and Sexuality for Arthuriana) and a postmedieval essay to compose. And a tenure file to review. And a stack of essays for that postmedieval issue to edit. And another postmedieval issue to shape.
  3. Then there are the papers I am giving in Toronto (January), NYC and Iowa City (February), Chicago and Cambridge (April), and Kzoo. And Melbourne this summer.
  4. Plus the conference I'm running
  5. Oh and along with revising those other essays once they come back, I am supposed to write a new essay on medieval race by June.
You know what? A poisoned cranberry is sounding quite tasty at this moment.

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