Friday, November 05, 2010

Bonnie Wheeler Summer Research Fellowship

by J J Cohen
Few have had such a positive impact upon Medieval Studies as Bonnie Wheeler. Her special mission throughout her career has been the cultivation of young scholars, fostering their intellectual growth through mentoring and their professional possibilities through guiding their research. She is and always has been an inspiration, a catalyst for change, and a fairy godmother for those working on nontraditional projects.
I once composed those words about Bonnie Wheeler. They don't say enough. Medieval studies has been changed profoundly for the better by her presence in the discipline.

A new fellowship recognizes this contribution. Below is the announcement for the Bonnie Wheeler Summer Research Fellowship, offered to address an alarming truth in academia: an abiding disparity in tenure and promotion rates between men and women. The fellowship offers two things that institutions often do not: time and money at a critical stage in a scholar's career.

The fellowship has been started with big ambitions: to move from a summer program to one that will support scholars for a half or full year. Please consider contributing to this worthy cause.

Announcing the Bonnie Wheeler 2011 Summer Research Fellowship. Open to women medievalists below the rank of full professor, this fellowship offers up to $7000 in financial support. Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2011.

The Bonnie Wheeler Fellowship Fund of The Dallas Foundation announces its inaugural Summer Research Fellowship for 2011, designed to support the research of women medievalists below the rank of full professor. The $7,000 award is to be used during the period of June 1 – December 31, 2011. In the future when more funds are available, Wheeler Fellowships will be awarded for full-year and half-year projects, but the Fellowship Committee recognizes the need in the current economic climate for the immediate support of women scholars.


Applicants must be women who hold a Ph.D. in any area of medieval studies and who are full-time faculty in an academic department. Preference will be given to candidates who are “caught in the middle” in the promotion ladder, as described in the MLA report  “Standing Still: The Associate Professor Survey.” Budgets for Fellowship applications should include not only research costs, but also the costs of freeing up applicants’ time--for example, relief from summer teaching, daycare and/or eldercare expenses, and the like.


A special feature of the Fellowship is that it will connect the recipient with a mentor in her scholarly field.


Completed applications must be received no later than January 15, 2011. The award will be announced February 28, 2011.

Application Procedure 

Please register at and see the Application Instructions for details. On this site you will also find more information about the Fellowship, its rationale and goals, and contact information.


hd said...

Can i just say how much i appreciate the fact that both daycare and eldercare costs can be included in an applicant's budget?!

Jeffrey Cohen said...

YES. It is so very sane -- and yet in fact both these costs are nearly always excluded from most fellowship budgets. Including these costs is itself a very important intervention!