Saturday, June 11, 2011

Briefly Noted: Kris Coffield interviews me


Over at Fractured Politics, Kris Coffield interviews me. I talk about anthropophagy, carrion, pets, objects, regimes of life, and so on. Maybe you'll want to join the already lively discussion?


Rob Barrett said...

The best part of that interview is where you use my all-time favorite coinage of yours: "Big Designators." Every time I read that phrase I think of nothing else but 1980s vintage YES.

Jeffrey Cohen said...

It's funny, Rob: I think of the phrase as yours, since it was reading your work that spurred its first use, and then you picked up and quoted it so that it got wedged in my brain.

And don't forget that it is *much* better to be the owner of a lonely heart than the owner of a broken heart.