Saturday, August 27, 2011

hatches = battened

by J J Cohen

Here's to those facing Hurricane Irene (whose name, perversely, means "peace" in Greek). Good wishes and good vibes to all.

I took a run this morning in the pre-storm sauna, then did some last minute regrading of our yard and cleaning of gutters. The rain has just started. Pepco, our local power company, preemptively called with a robotic message to announce that they expect we'll lose electricity, and to warn us that we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for it to come back. We are having a Brave the Tempest dinner with a few neighborhood friends tonight, making some food in advance (roasted asparagus and tomatoes); the rest can be done on our gas stove by candlelight if need be (pesto and pistachio risotto).

We're hoping for the best ... for everyone.


Eileen Joy said...

Be safe! We're thinking of you and yours and mine in DC!

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thanks ... luckily all is well. No trees fell on our house, and by some miracle we lost power for only 90 minutes. A sleepless night but it could have been so much worse (and was for so many people).