Tuesday, April 09, 2013

If you missed "Ecologies of the Inhuman" ...

by J J Cohen

... despair not. The GW MEMSI symposium Ecologies of the Inhuman is well archived on social media.

For the Twitter stream, check out #Inhuman (warning: popular hashtag with lots of noise). For blog accounts, these four participants have composed eloquent accounts:

Finally, the graduate students in my "Environ Body Object Veer" seminar have posted on the event as well. Enjoy!

My deep gratitude to all who participated and attended. It was an extraordinary event.

PS This post is number two thousand and one on this blog. Who would have thought it would be around so long? Meanwhile, we reached 1066 likes this morning on our Facebook page. For a blog with a medieval theme, that number seems significant of something.


John Walter said...

A great symposium it was. Again, thank you for offering such events and for making them free and open to the public.

Jonathan Hsy said...

So sorry I had to miss this event. But I look forward to catching up with the convo unfolding on the blogosphere!

Steve Mentz said...

Here's my talk also: