Wednesday, September 23, 2015

30% discount for readers: Medievalism: Key Critical Terms and Medievalism: A Critical History

by J J Cohen

Boydell and Brewer asked me if In the Middle would like to offer its readers a discount on two new books of wide interest among medievalists ... and I thought, why not? These books look great.

(ITM makes no money from this offer -- we are a zero profit entity, fueled by the labor of the five bloggers. We are happy to promote the work of any of any kindred spirits: just ask us. We are always open to guest posts, book excerpts, you name it.)

Here are the details.

Boydell & Brewer is pleased to offer a 30% discount on Medievalism: Key Critical Terms and Medievalism: A Critical History. Please use promo code 15562 when ordering

In Medievalism: Key Critical Terms, edited by Elizabeth Emery and Richard Utz, leading international scholars in the field define and exemplify essential terms used when speaking of the reception of medieval culture in postmedieval times, in a lively and accessible style.

Medievalism: A Critical History, by David Matthews, is an accessibly-written survey of the origins and growth of the discipline of medievalism studies.

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