Saturday, February 11, 2017

Update: Whiteness in Medieval Studies (#Kzoo2017)

Dear ITM Readers:

Please note this UPDATE regarding a previously announced event on "Whiteness in Medieval Studies" at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS) at Kalamazoo 2017:

ICMS has advised us that we may not hold our event at the location and time originally planned and has invited us to propose a session for 2018. We shall certainly do so; however, many recent and unforeseen circumstances at national
and global levels render urgent the need to create space for this dialogue in 2017 as well.

To this end, the Society for Medievalist Feminist Scholarship has generously agreed to include our discussion of "Whiteness in Medieval Studies" in this year's business meeting. We look forward to welcoming any Congress registrant who wishes to participate in this conversation to attend the later portion of the SMFS Business Meeting and Reception on Saturday, May 13, with this conversation starting at 5:45pm in Fetzer 1045.

Further details are forthcoming regarding the first of what we hope will be many productive, collaborative, and engaging discussions of our field's racial politics and how best to foster allyship and inclusion within and beyond medieval studies.

In solidarity,

An open fellowship of Medievalists of Color

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Emily said...

Did Kzoo offer any explanation for the cancellation?