Monday, August 06, 2007


2 days until ITMBC4DSoMA commences. Have you been doing your homework? (And if you've fallen behind in your blog reading and can't decipher that, follow this link.)

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Anonymous said...

Readers who value their internet privacy will be interested to know that is spying on the traffic to and from this blog. This server is connecting to your computer.

Confirmation of this was achieved using TCPView.exe (available from, which is a handy little executable that shows all connections to your computer. Try it, you'll see what I'm describing. You can also open your command line window and enter "netstat" and that will show connections.

What is interesting is that the connection will remain after you move to another www page.

Spying of this sort is reprehensible, and, fortunately, easily subverted.

If you have a firewall (which you should have!), set it to block out this range of IPs: to

This will prevent that server from connecting to your computer and monitoring your traffic.

This will absolutely no effect on your access to this page (which resides on a different