Friday, August 24, 2007

Postcard from MA, ME, NH

I've been in Cambridge, MA; Ogunquit, ME; and now Dover, NH -- avoiding work and seeing family and friends.

On this family vacation I intentionally left all ways of connecting to the internet behind ... but the laptop sitting in my sister's study has proved too tempting. So I drop in to say hello, and to let Eileen and Karl and Mary Kate know how very much I have enjoyed their posts (and to assure them that I'll add something or other to the discussion threads when I'm back home). Mary Kate, I liked your impressive debut posting, and the program it sets for future work on this blog; Karl, congratulations on finishing the dissertation, and what a way to end; Eileen, may I please enroll in your two courses as a nondegree student?

Now I will return to pretending that the fall semester is not about to end, and dream that I do not face a nine hour car ride with the kids tomorrow.


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Eileen Joy said...

Drive safe, hurry back, and don't lose your mind in the car [haha].