Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Queering the Non/Human Bookcover

by J J Cohen

Is this book cover not a thing of beauty? The image is Axolotl by Karl Grimes. Squint and you also might see my blurb.

Queering the Non/Human will be published by Ashgate at month's end, and contains as its "Afterword" a short piece inspired by a conversation that unfolded on this blog. Indeed, in an attempt not to do the scholarly-essay-as-usual thing -- and in an attempt to make visible the ways in which scholarship can be a communal rather than a solitary project, especially in these days of electronic conversations -- the afterword includes pieces of that unfolding interchange in its main body, rather than banished to the footnotes.

Take it from me: the book will be of wide interest to ITM readers. Congratulations Noreen Giffney and Myra J. Hird on the publication of the volume.


Eileen Joy said...

Congrats Noreen and Myra! The book cover is stunning.

Karl said...

Here's a link to the cover image, if you wish to see it in the original full colour.