Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The best birthday ever

by J J Cohen

I have never received so many text messages, emails, Facebook wallposts, e-cards, Hallmark cards, cookies, high fives, hugs, and iPhone photos as I have today. I do believe that this hoopla has less to do with me than with another big event, but I'm happy for coat tails all the same. Thanks, everyone!

[illustration: the best birthday card my bro ever sent me, noon today]


dan remein said...

Happy birthday to you!

Dr. Virago said...

Happy birthday! (Belatedly)

Jeffrey Cohen said...

Thanks, Dan and Dr V!

Dr V, I just tried to post at your blog to finish off your toast, but for some reason it wouldn't accept my comment. So here it is.

I like what you wrote, especially the rhetorically mellifluous anaphora, epiphora, and so on ... but I would suggest that you end the toast with aposiopesis, because if you don't well then -- !

Dr. Virago said...

OK, you're the second person to tell me that, so I've changed things back to the old style pop-up window. Maybe that will help.

And also -- hee!